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    1. Watch and Listen

      Animal Music

      Fur EliseFur Elise
      The voices of a loon, cat, wood stork, cuckoo, and two owls are the sole musical instruments in this furry (and feathery) arrangement of the classic, Fur Elise, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.

      Dance of the Sugar Plum FairyDance of the Sugar Plum Furry
      Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, performed by a cuckoo, cricket, bull, loon, owl, flicker, cardinal, goldfinch, bunting, cat, pigeon, alligator, seagull, whale, puffin, dolphin, and others.

      Nature, Sung by Animals Nature, Sung by Animals
      On a more serious note, the Switch Zoo Animal Orchestra performs two compositions by Eric Satie to describe a selection of Ansel Adams photos. Don't miss the sound machine, and a 'making-of' interview with the arranger.

      Swich Zoo Field Trip: Explore Animal Music
      Replacing traditional instruments with animal sounds in a musical arrangement can lead to some really surprising results! This tour of music 'performed' by animals includes a sampling of the original animal sounds, and a sound identification game.


      Everydog Has His DayEverydog Has His Day
      Share a dog's dream in this live action and?stop-motion short film with a soundtrack by the Switch Zoo Critter Chorus. Meet Gus, Switch Zoo's Chief of Security as he goes about his day.

      The Mystery of Switch ZooThe Mystery of Switch Zoo
      A short film that dares to ask the questions: "Did animals build Switch Zoo? Can a fading photograph and a never-before-seen film unravel the mystery of Switch Zoo's origin?"

      The Sounds of Switch ZooThe Sounds of Switch Zoo
      The animals at Switch Zoo have a lot to say (and sing). Using this interactive map, you can hear sounds from many locations throughout the zoo.