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    1. Make and Play

      a variety of switcheroos from Switch Zoo Switch Zoo Make New Animals

      Switch the animals' heads, legs, and tails to make your own new creatures! Switch Zoo has 142 natural species in nine habitats.
      Play Switch Zoo     Switch Zoo App

      Build a Biome

      Build six of world's biomes by choosing the right plants, animal, temperature range, and precipitation for each. Get a postcard for each biome you build, and build all of them to become a Biome Master.

      Play Build a Biome

      Please DO Feed the Animals Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore

      It's always feeding time at Switch Zoo, and we need your help sorting the animals by diet type to make sure they get the right food.

      Play Please DO Feed the Animals

      The games below run on Adobe Flash Player. To play them, allow Flash to run when you are prompted by your browser. Flash games are incompatible with tablets and mobile phones.

      Build an Online Habitat Build an Online Habitat
      Match animals to the right habitat for their survival. A compatibility meter and a thermometer help you determine the best habitat, and sometimes the animals give you clues.

      Switch Zoo Animals on Animated Puzzles!Switch Zoo Puzzles
      Try your hand at solving these jigsaw puzzles and sliding puzzles while the images on the pieces are changing! The puzzles feature some of the surprising animals who inhabit Switch Zoo. Use the timer to measure your speed.

      Where Do I Live?Where Do I Live?
      You are the Animal Relocation Officer in charge of a major rescue operation. 78 animals have been rescued from smugglers and it's up to you to return each of them to their home continent or ocean.

      Scavengers Hunt
      Scavengers Hunt
      Can you spot a scavenger in a crowd? Find out by choosing scavengers and non-scavengers from groups of animals. You may be surprised by seeing some familiar animals that you never knew were scavengers.

      Meerkat Grab-a SnackMeerkat Grab-a-Snack
      Score points by catching insects, worms, scorpions and other meerkat delicacies when they pop out of holes in the ground.

      Sound MatchSound Match
      You may be good at recognizing animals by the sounds they make, but can you recognize them when they're singing? Listen to songs performed by the Switch Zoo Critter Chorus and find out.

      Catch the Moment
      Catch the Moment
      Give wildlife photography a shot in this challenging game. Spot animals in the jungle, use your mouse and keyboard to bring the picture into focus, then click your mouse to take the photo.