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    1. Switch Zoo Field Trips
      Join these field trips to find out how to make new animals, write stories, poems and scientific field reports about them, and explore music created from the sounds of animals.

      Field Trip - Make New AnimalsGuided Tour: Make New Animals (20 minutes)
      Make and name animals in Switch Zoo
      It's easy to learn how to make new animals with this guided, hands-on field trip! After you complete it, you'll be ready to join the creative writing field trip.

      Creative writing and field reportsCreative Writing (20 minutes if you have already taken the Guided Tour; 40 minutes with built-in Guided Tour).
      Learn how to make an animal in Switch Zoo, then write a story or poem about it.
      Let your new animals fire up your imagination as you name them and write stories about them. You can print your creations to share with your friends.

      Switch Zoo Field Trip - Explore Animal MusicExplore Animal Music (20 minutes)
      Listen to music created using animals' voices
      On this field trip, you will discover a new way to create music by turning recorded sounds into instruments. Animals provide the beautiful songs and sounds that bring the music to life.