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    1. About This Site
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      This website started as a small project. We were playing around with the idea of making new animals by switching their parts, and the result was Switch Zoo. At first, the zoo had just nine animals, and it was the only attraction on the website. Today, Switch Zoo has 142 species, and the website features additional animal games, music created from animal voices, a reference section about all the animals in Switch Zoo, lesson plans, and poetry, stories and artwork created by students and other visitors.

      Please use the menu on the left for tips on how to play Switch Zoo, and tech support. The menu also offers a site map and additional information about the site. You can find our Privacy Policy and additional documents by clicking Policies.

      The Graphics link will take you to a page with Switch Zoo animals and logos that you may use if you'd like to link to Switch Zoo. If you do provide a link, please link to our home page, http://www.sljfw.cn. Thanks!

      Thank you for visiting Switch Zoo! We hope you have a good time here!